Cenate has successfully scaled its Silicon anode particle production for EV batteries

Cenate is today proud to announce that the company has successfully scaled its manufacturing process for its new and unique silicon nano composites to the first commercial scale.

– We now consider that the largest scale-up risks are behind us, and are preparing to deliver large, industrial-scale test batches to multiple customers in the coming year. We will of course continue to improve the productivity further, but both we and our collaboration partners in the engineering team from Dynatec are greatly relieved to see that the we now can make a homogenous product at a high production rate in the scaled up reactor, says Cenate CEO, Erik Sauar.

Cenate has over the last 6 years developed a completely new and unique class of silicon nano composite materials, and is collaborating with several of the largest companies in the global battery industry. The company’s new class of products offers significant benefits both for battery producers and for the EV customers. First and foremost, the energy density of the batteries increases substantially so that the EV driving range can be increased, but at the same time the battery manufacturing cost and CO2 footprint also goes down. Both factors vital for the further electrification of the transport sector.

The development of the commercial scale equipment has been carried out in close collaboration with the Dynatec group, whose main production facility is next door to Cenate’s pilot factory site. The costs related to the scaling of the process has been co-funded by Innovation Norway while the Norwegian Research Council has supported the development of the product itself. Based on its successful development, Cenate was also earlier this year elected an associated partner of Europe’s Important Projects of Common European Interest on batteries.  

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