Introducing Silicon into the anode so that the energy density of a battery increases and still lasts for many years is a true challenge. Cenate has developed key parts of the solution to this problem. In our advanced, proprietary nano particles we can now offer a series of functions and characteristics required for your new high energy density anode.

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Silicon Nano Robust

Our Silicon Nano Robust product series – a unique, new material that can provide our partners with a material tailored to provide improved cycle life for the battery

Silicon Nano

Our Silicon Nano basic product series – a unique, new material that can provide our partners with a material tailored to provide improved cycle life for the battery

Beyond nano technology

Longer cycle life

Higher energy density

Lower production cost

Safe to use

We are currently offering material samples only under NDA.

Mass production

Cenate uses a new and proprietary reactor concept in order to produce our next-generation silicon containing anode materials. This production process makes it possible for us to make highly homogenous and controlled particles and also allows us a rapid scale up to large scale industrial volumes.


Equipment engineering for such scale up commenced late 2019, and we are currently preparing for full scale industrial production based on promising and strong customer interest.


In our process we can produce nano-structured silicon at high speed and at lower cost than other methods of producing nanomaterials.

Suitable both for graphite based and non-graphite anodes

Silicon containing anodes can be classified in two categories;
(i) The anodes that use graphite as a starting point and applies silicon around it and
(ii) the anodes that are based on completely new micron size particles that are developed from nano silicon particles without the use of graphite.

Cenate’s particles are suitable for both these approaches, and is currently also being used by both.

Low carbon footprint

Our materials will store 10 times more lithium per gram than conventional anode materials. This huge performance benefit also translates into a very low and attractive carbon footprint per kWh. The exact benefit will vary with specification.


Silicon is a non-toxic material and the most abundant element on earth. Cenate’s silicon-containing anode materials have undergone rigorous testing inhouse and in third-party labs to ensure their safety under normal operating conditions, and have been proven to meet the required safety and quality requirements.

Application areas

Silicon anode batteries offer high performance capacity as compared to other conventional batteries. The replacement of graphite anode with silicon is expected to be one of the biggest trends in the global battery market.


Cenate’s silicon-containing material can be used in the following battery applications:

Consumer electronics

3G/4G Cell Phones



MP4 Players

Digital Cameras

Droner/ drones


Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric Bicycles

Power plants

Deep Cycle

Emergency Backup

Industrial Battery

Marine Battery